About Mobinone Company

  • Mobinone is on of active companies in IT & ICT In IRAN which works on value added service on fixed and mobile phone platform.
  • Mobinone starts at 2010 by value added service in collaboration with Iran telecommunication company and Iran Mobile telecommunication company
  • Pioneer in IT & ICT innovative solution
  • We aim to be the largest company in innovative IT & ICT solutions in Islamic republic of Iran

More than 70 content provider companies in

  • Media streaming
  • IOT
  • VR/AR
  • Applications
  • IVR
  • E-government

How we support startups

  • Money collection solutions by mobile operators
  • Marketing and digital marketing mentoring
  • Platform and servers

Supporting and accelerating startups

  • We think startups and new idea supporting is our corporate social responsibilities

Mobinone at a glance

  • Launch Mobinone Air Media Wi-Fi system
  • Launch Mobinone Rail Media Wi-Fi system
  • 3G product development in interaction with content providers
  • getting VOD certificate from ministry of culture & Islamic guidance
  • Market development and contract with content provider
  • Gostaresh electronic Mobin Iran and One Italy joint venture
  • Contract with Iran telecommunication company for 8* number on fixed phone platform
Acceptance of Mobinone in Iran Fara Bourse co
  • Get online content providing from ministry of culture & Islamic guidance
  • Launch 208* for voice value added service on MCI platform
  • Get the Air Media Wi-Fi certificate as the first company in IRAN
  • buy the share of One company by Mobiniran
  • platform development for SMS game
  • Agrigation certificate from MCI company for value added service